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I purchased some Pennington Smart Seed from Lowe's. Bermuda grass.

The Pennington salesman was marking it down. IT WAS A BARGIN. Only 1/2 price. I purchased three bags so that I could saturate the patches and have a beautiful lawn.

On the bag they said in three weeks the lawn would be lush and green and beautiful. This has been the monsoon season here in South Carolina. It has rained everyday since two days before I planted the Pennington Smart Seed. Lack of water has not been the issue.

Do you think that a company like Pennington and Lowe's would sale seed that was not any good? Well I didn't believe that they would. So I go out every morning and with my magnifying glass and look for new grass leaves or sprouts or anything else that look like new grass.

THERE IS NOT ONE BLADE OF NEW GRASS. What do you suppose I am thinking right now.

They did: They sold some dirty rotten no good seed and I bit on it. I just didn't think that two companies like Lowe's and Pennington would do that to a customer.

Dave Lane

Product or Service Mentioned: Pennington Seed Grass Seeds.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Purchased Pennington Centipede grass seed with Bio-170 mulchfrom Lowe’s, watered it faithfully for several weeks & got a beautiful stand of CRABGRASS. Never buy from Pennington seeds again.

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