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I purchased Pennington Smart Seed. I spread fresh soil prior to spreading the grass seed and we watered every day.

The seed just never came up. When we contacted Pennington they refused a refund because we couldn't produce the empty bags, although we did have our receipts. If I thought the product was that bad I would have saved the bags.

They then sent up a brochure titled "What do do when you spread grass seed but only weeds come up." You have to question a company that already has brochures like this ready to send to uphappy customers. I would never purchase, or recommend purchase of this product to anyone!

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August 8, 2014 update to July 17, 2014 posting. It took nearly 3 months from the date I submitted the information for a refund, but I received a refund check from Pennington in the mail today.

This company is S-L-O-W to process refunds however, they did come through and honor their guarantee. If you provide the UPC off the empty bag w/ growers information and the original sales receipt (not a photocopy), you shouldn't have a problem receiving a refund. If you don't have the documents from the seeds you purchased 3 months ago, buy another bag and submit the UPC and original sales receipt for that purchase. Pennington will not, and should not, issue a refund without proof of purchase.

At any rate, my plan is to deposit the check and purchase a bag of to seed.

Also, the fact that Pennington paid $16,250 for cases of seed shipped to various states doesn't automatically mean their guilty of anything. Companies generally will pay money to settle a law suit quickly rather than battle it out in court and rack up attorney's fees.


Today is July 17, 2014. I am writing in follow-up to my posting on May 08 to report that I have not yet received the promise refund.

Within a few days of my posting, I submitted the refund request to Pennington. Several weeks passed, and I hadn't received the refund, so on June 30, 2014, I sent an email to Pennington's consumer relations department at garden.care@epowercenterdirect.com inquiring about the refund. I received a reply the same day from Carrie confirming receipt of my refund items (original sales receipts, growers information and UPC from empty bags) on May 31, and asking me to wait 4-6 weeks for processing. Although I believe Pennington received my refund items earlier than they claim, it's been 7 weeks from the date they claim to have received my refund items, but still I have not received a refund.

Based on the few complaints filed with the Better Business Bureau against Pennington, it appears they will resolve customer issues provided the refund items are provided, but exhibit a pattern of laxidaziness when it comes to issuing refunds. I'll update this post in a few weeks, or upon my earlier receipt of the refund.


Planted as directed in several areas most did not produce any grass where the grass sprouted so did and assortment of weeds. Disappointed in Penningtons warranty policy.

I will buy the Scott's next time. Not sure if the seed is better but I know the consumer service is far superior.


I also installed a bag of Pennington Smart Seed. Cost was $60 at my local orange home improvement store.

I put seed down on several cultivated areas of land on my property in the fall and expected to see grass in the spring. While some areas grew bits of grass, others produced nothing, not even weeds. Weeds would have given me something to water and make the lawn appear green, which is better than looking at dirt, but I got nothing. I contacted Pennington via email to inform them of my dissatisfaction with the product and to inquire about the guarantee, but I didn't ask for a refund.

A couple of days later, I received an email apologizing for the failed seed with an offer to refund the purchase price of the product. I need to submit the UPC off the empty bag w/ growers information and the sales receipt, but that's not an unreasonable request. I haven't submitted the information I need to receive a refund, but based on the apology and offer of a refund I received, Pennington seems like a good company that does stand by its product guarantee.

I've used Pennington seed in the past and found it to be better quality than Scotts so, even though this last bag of seed didn't produce the thick green lawn I expected, I'm not dissuaded from wanting to use it again.

to JamesC #1477895

Same thing happen to me. It did not kill weeds, but did kill grass. I cannot get a return even though I have done everything they have asked.

I am disappointed by the result after the purchase and planting of grass seed label Pennington :(

Purchased all in seed, prepared ground and mixed new top soil with a fertilizer. Watered with an in ground sprinkler system and by hand everyday.

Not one blade of grass came up, very disappointed.

I have receipt and used by for dog waste, but after 15 days and no grass I went to the trouble to cut out the UCP section with lot number. Not good enough for refunds.

to Don Geist Albany, Oregon, United States #638224

I don't blame them for not refunding it. It was your fault for over watering your lawn and never giving it time to grow.

you should only water your lawn twice a week. over watering it stops the grass roots from wanting to dig deeper like their supposed and reach for natural soil.

too much water also allows more damaging fungi and pesticides to grow on the grass. don't be pissed off at the company because you're an *** that can't follow directions.

to Anonymous #1512343

You do know that when you plant new seed you don't water twice a week right? The seed will stay too dry and not germinate.

You obvious have no idea what you are doing. Take your own advice, read the directions.


Grass never came up even though I watered every day and did everything exactly as the packaging suggested. What a rip off.

This was the first time that I thought that I was purchasing a premium seed. Do not buy it!


Pennington scam and ripooff. WARNING!! DO NOT buy this junk!! pennington defrauds Consumers all over America - see USDA fines below:


Pennington Seed, Inc., Madison, GA, has paid $16,250 for cases involving fifteen seed shipments to Georgia, Indiana, Maryland, Michigan, Nebraska, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, and Texas. Portions of the shipments to Maryland, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Tennessee were subsequently shipped to Indiana, Kentucky, and Pennsylvania. A portion of a shipment to Indiana was subsequently shipped to Kentucky. Seed regulatory officials in Georgia, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Nebraska, Pennsylvania, and Texas cooperated in the initial sampling and inspection. The alleged violations, while not the same for all shipments, were: ****false labeling***[stars added by author] of variety name, test date, noxious-*** seeds rate of occurrence, and percentages of pure seed, other crop seed, and germination; failure to label the presence of noxious-*** seeds and to label as a mixture; and failure to keep or supply required records.


Pennington Grass seed company ripoff. Planted pennington seed correctly and only weeds grew.

Why not just call it "pennington *** seed"?

Company positively does not back up it's product. Getting my money back from walmart and won't buy from pennington thieves again

to Roger Harlingen, Texas, United States #944241

Crooks! I bought a bag of Pennington 'sunflower seeds' at Wal-Mart on 02/09/15, and the seed in the bag was worthless: it was rotten, and full of insect damage, and stones!!!

I was an Agricultural Commodity Grader for 25 years, so I know of what I speak. No legitimate company would sell a product like this...it should have been discarded.

I called Pennington's 1800 number, and was told I didn't know what I was talking about!!! I requested their address so I could send them a sample, but they did not reply.

Wal-Mart in Weslaco, Tx.

tells me they have removed the product from their shelves.


Pennington Bermuda Grass Seed RIPOFF!!! Pennington scam.

WARNING!! DO NOT buy this junk!! I bought a bag of this WORTHLESS pennington grass seed from Lowes. Planted it EXACTLY as described.

Watered it precisely. 3 weeks later, not a SINGLE blade of grass has surfaced. Called the company in Missouri. They REFUSED to refund me unless I literally answered a barrage of asinine questions about how it was planted, how deep did I plant it (ohhh lemme see - hmmmm - I think I used a Hitachi Ex 400 excavator to put it 6 feet deep) etc.

Then they refused to refund my money, until I put the label in a envelope and mailed it (65 cents w/ envelope) + $2.25 in GAS to the USPS.

This company knows NOTHING about customer service. I will never buy their product again, and I am posting this ALL OVER the web.

Thanks pennington!! Enjoty ALL my reviews here and ripoffreport, etc etc etc etc etc etc 4 sure!


This product is worthless. Grass never came up despite watering every day.


Pennington's customer service is a joke. After dealing with one reply "form" letter that did not address my issue and subsequent non-helpful run around I stopped buying and using their products


I spread Pennington seed but ran out before all the property was covered and weeds came up only where seed was spread. Pennington says it is quackgrass spread by birds or "hay".

The only fix is kill entire lawn with Roundup.


Do not buy Pennington!Bad seeds, bad service. They do not stay behind the product!


same problem planted but didnt grow looked close and guess what? no seed!

Called pennington but they said tuff luck. going to try scotts

I purchased Pennington One-Step Grass seed from WalMart. I followed directions and watered.

We had a couple of nice warm days and suddenly I had a bug infestation coming in the windows near where I used the product! These were small nat-like bugs coming in from the outside. There were thousands of them and it has taken me a week to get rid of them. I had to buy an expensive product to create a barrier along my windows.

I know that these nats came from the product -- absolutely nothing else is different. It is still early spring in Denver and there is no other explanation for these weird bugs.

I believe the larvae was in the product and it came alive when it got sun and water. :cry

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